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The Company You Can Trust In

We provide a constantly fresh and modern approach to building, while keeping in-line with quality workmanship; and that is why MJW Building and Construction Services has earned it's formidable reputation in the industry.

MJW Building MeetingFrom one man as a sole-trader, to a reputable full-service construction company with an experienced team you can rely on. MJW Building and Construction started out with nothing but Matt Webb's tools and his learned craft, having built the company from the ground up through years upon years of projects, hard-work and just a touch of grit: the company begun it's full incorporation in 2011.

Matt took the broad scope, developing client relationships and winning more and more work, from carrying out maintenance for the local real estate agents and earning an excellent reputation – to growing the company into what it is now; a dedicated and skilled crew of professionals with a plethora of experience between them.MJW Building Swimming Pool

Under the leadership of Matt, today the company oversees all manner of projects from residential to commercial services, MJW Building and Construction has continued in its growth by gaining reputable contracts such as the Department of Housing & Health and the Port Headland Port Authority – with the responsibility and the professionalism that these bigger contracts require, they still apply the same principles and workmanship to the smaller, but no less important projects: from the know-how to the project delivery, every contract is treated the same, a unique perspective in an increasingly platonic industry.

Increasingly, it's also the smaller jobs that are often the most sought out of our works, from renovations and demolitions, to refurbishments, fittings and the safe removal of asbestos, we understand and apply what you need, then advise on the best way to go about the job and what you require.

Looking to the future, MJW will continue to grow with our clients, and in doing so we'll build a better future.